Maple is the wood with which the majority of skateboards are made. A wood. And the leaf that appears on the flag where Tom was born, Canada.

Everything started in an attic in Calle Orzán, in Coruña. Where the roof in the highest point wasn´t over 1.90 meters (6.2 feet) and when stretching out an arm, was the width of the room.
One minuscule window which let in light through the roof, a lot of enthusiasm, days of work, force, excitement (and luck) were doing the rest.
A lot of people in the path that have put their grain (or rock) of sand and without which, Arce Workshop + Studio wouldn't be what it is today.
Here you can find handmade products. Unique pieces. And if you don´t find what you´re looking for, you can send an email to arceworkshopstudio@gmail.com , because you can make custom orders, or made to size.
On one side, made from natural wood, without stains or dyes, with wood from trees which fell from windstorms or also from sustainable origins. On the other hand, products made from broken and used skateboards.